My games

Most of these are a bit rough around the edges, but utterly playable. Page still under construction


A scenario about three youths in the apocalyptic future, destined to fight the embodiment of evil in giant, ancient mechs.

Tags: Short-form, action, emotional


The Arm Wrestler

Over the Top meets The Sixth Sense, as an arm wrestler wrestles through defeat, and is coached by the ghosts of philosophers long dead.

Tags: Short-form, comedy, silly

On the program at Fastaval 2021

The Age of Rust

A game which tells the fragmented story about the fall of an empire. System is a mix between Houses of the Blooded and In a Wicked Age

Tags: Campaign, tragedy, episodic

It’s Always Sunny in Rome

A sitcom set in ancient Rome where the weakness of your arguments determines if you win a discussion.

Tags: Comedy, History, Short-Form


A comedy about three friends, who try to make themselves functional in a world where cyber-implants are as unreliable as the post-its that represent them.

Tags: Cyberpunk, short-form, comedy


A game system where you play Undead, destined to be reborn each time you die, until you solve the mysteries of the world.

Tags: Campaign, dark fantasy, brutal

Currently being revised for a new release, old game can be found at:

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