Games played and thoughts had

Dropping out

A while ago I decided to drop my scenario for Fastaval 2021. It had been a stress factor for a while, and I realized I probably wouldn’t be able to complete it, whether Fastaval 2021 was happening or not. In hindsight, deciding to make an armwrestling scenario with actual armwrestling in this fucked-up year wasContinue reading “Dropping out”

Game Fragmentation

I recently had a great playtest. Not great in that it went amazingly well, but great due to the fact that it cleared my mind, and I realized that what I thought was one game, was in fact two quite different games. So, Soulhunters and the Age of Rust setting has now fragmented, and becomeContinue reading “Game Fragmentation”

I suck at blogging

I’ve been trying my hand at blogging a few times before, and It’s never really worked out; mostly I just can’t stick to a schedule. I hope this time it’ll be different. This is a blog about roleplaying games, perhaps diverging to other types of media if I feel it is relevant. It will focusContinue reading “I suck at blogging”

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