Love, hate, and Earthdawn

I’ve had a pretty long-running Earthdawn campaign with a rather erratic schedule, and I absolutely adore it. I also kind of hate it. I’m going to run you through why. I love Earthdawn because of the setting. It messes up the standard D&D style fantasy formula, plays with metaphysics and the idea of power behindContinue reading “Love, hate, and Earthdawn”

Game Fragmentation

I recently had a great playtest. Not great in that it went amazingly well, but great due to the fact that it cleared my mind, and I realized that what I thought was one game, was in fact two quite different games. So, Soulhunters and the Age of Rust setting has now fragmented, and becomeContinue reading “Game Fragmentation”

The Clicking of Apocalypse World

Context: The game I am currently running most regularly is Apocalypse World. It’s been going on for a year and a half or so, and has turned out to be one of the longest campaigns session-wise I’ve ever run. It was good the first couple of sessions, and then it’s been great ever since, butContinue reading “The Clicking of Apocalypse World”

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