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Zâr – This Time It’s Readable

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time these months getting Zâr into a revised edition, and I released it recently – it is only in English at the moment, but if I may say so myself this is a much more readable version, and doesn’t constrain itself to a two-hour timeslot (but there is still a timer, have no worries!). A thing I noticed is that some content was actually missing from the version on, so it was literally not playable in that form. Also, there’s a fully updated Tabletop Simulator module, because it was fun to make, and helped in making some of the explanatory pictures:

So, what has changed since the initial version:

  • More readable, with terms more consistent throughout the document, and a couple of pictures to illustrate the setup.
  • Cards have been added, a few of them pointing towards the Theurges’ traits, tying them more directly into the narration, and a few neutral cards which push the Theurges towards defining their relationship to Angra
  • The character sheets look a whole lot better, and Zaya’s portrait has been completely redrawn.
  • Documents have been fixed, so marks are properly lined up when printing duplex (a must for the characters and
  • Added some notes at the beginning describing my influences and a section at the end which gives a quick rundown of what you need to go through before you can begin the scenario.

All in all I’m very satisfied with how it’s turned out, and I am at the point of writing this at 37 downloads of the core rules across DriveThruRPG and, which is above what I expected.

So – what’s next?

Well, my primary project is working on my next Fastaval scenario Deep State: A comedy in the vein of Yes, Minister and The Thick of It, about a dark conspiracy manipulating the world, but run by a bunch of middle managers, who have no idea what the whole purpose of the thing was. Almost ready to playtest, and I’m really excited!

The secondary project is to go back and make a revised edition of Ahriman, with what I’ve learned from making Zâr (which originally was a simple rewrite of the former). Where the revisions to Zâr were relatively minor design-wise, the Ahriman revision will feature a whole new, much more mutually engaging system for describing the combat, and a new structure making a fair bit more like… psychological, like Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Oh, and I need to learn how to draw mechs. Tips anyone?


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