Dropping out

A while ago I decided to drop my scenario for Fastaval 2021. It had been a stress factor for a while, and I realized I probably wouldn’t be able to complete it, whether Fastaval 2021 was happening or not.

In hindsight, deciding to make an armwrestling scenario with actual armwrestling in this fucked-up year was a really bad decision. I had a weird reaction from another author, who delighted in how physical it was, and wanted me to revel in the way it was an utterly anti-covid scenario. However, as cases started spiking during September and Oktober, I realized that playtesting the scenario was not just a potential health hazard, but a definite one – and playtesting it without the armwrestling would remove the single greatest reason I even wanted to make the scenario in the first place.

It is not dead though, and I’m probably resubmitting it for Fastaval 2022. I recently watched Over the Top, which was a delightful trainwreck, and I am definitely putting in a “grimace workshop” when I get around to writing it.

So, dropping the scenario cleared a bunch of time, which I’ve spent practicing my drawing. Still a rookie (I haven’t drawn anything since I was 6), but I hope that I can make some alright mech illustrations for Ahriman before Fastaval comes around. I’m also working on Age of Rust, which is aaaalmost ready for a playtest. I am really psyched, but working on the oracles (read: story prompts for a session) is taking a lot of creative energy.

One thought on “Dropping out

  1. That makes a lot of sense actually! I hope that this stuff will eventually end (and sooner rather than later) and

    I’m looking forward to seeing some of your drawings!


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